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----------- The first 24 episodes of Simon Hanselmann's TRUTH ZONE collected into one volume. This bootleg edition is lovingly made to Mr. Hanselmann's specifications. 24 full color pages on quality stock. Some have silver duct tape, some have black tape, some have no tape. Most have silver tape. You'll probably get one with silver tape. 15 bux each postpaid for USA. 25 bux postpaid Canada. 35 bux for Europe and Asia. SOLDOUT SOLDOUT DONT ASK

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wacky Packs

Set Sale

So I went through my comic book collection and made up some back issue sets to sell. I made seven sets of ten comics each. The wackier the combinations the better. Then I drew a sketch of one of the comics in each set. The sketch and the comics are what you get for the price of admission. The sketch is a one-of-a-kind marker drawing on an acid free backing board and IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.

For those of you who like shopping at my table at shows - well, I'm not gonna make MOCCA or TCAF this year. It's con circuit season and I am stuck in New Mexico. It's a ton of money to drive to NY and Toronto - for me and for everyone else. So, it got me thinking about how I might be able to sell my collection online. If I can't lean across the longboxes and do my routine for you in person then this is the next best thing. I decided to do more of an art project than just have a fire sale. Please enjoy. I had fun making these.

20 bucks each. 5 bucks shipping. That's $25 a set. I'm practically giving them away. It's like you only had to spend five bucks on gas to go to a con - and you got to spend twenty dollars at my table. I'm making super deals. I put a nice, weird set of stuff together for you. What? You have that issue of Underwater? Well, give it to a friend.

It's first come first serve. Email me at capneasyATgmailDOTcom if you
want to buy a set. Please refer to the set's number. Also list two alternate choices in case your first choice and second are sold.

The sets are mailed in a Priority Mail envelope with heavy cardboard and will be mailed immediately after purchase. I'm accepting PayPal and checks. Please email me first - don't just Paypal me and hope the set is available. ALL SETS SOLD!!

No overseas orders. Sorry.



Set 1
Old School

Unexpected #124 -  Tuska, Grandenetti art
Charlton Bullseye #5, 9 - Truoug, Day art
Vault of Evil #1 - weird old 50s Marvel horror reprints
Rima #5 - Nestor Redondo art
Cheyenne Kid #68 - Pat Boyette art
Warlock #2 - reprints famous Jim Starlin storyline
Adventures Into The Unknown #151 - wacky ACG sci-fi
For Lovers Only #82, 86 - really weird looking 70s romance stuff

plus For Lovers Only #82 sketch by Frank



Set 2
Personal Favs

Street Fighter #1, 2 - Ditko lookalike art by Gary Kato - amazing
House of Mystery Halloween Annual #2 - rare Brandon Graham story
Mage #15 - fun Matt Wagner finale - airbrush art!
Spider-Man Fever #1,2 - Brendan McCarthy art!
Shadow #1 - Sienkiewicz art - Richmond Lewis colors!
Moon Knight #1 - 1980 series - Sienkiewicz art 
Moon Knight Special Edition #1, 3 - reprints late 70s Moon Knight stories that appeared in Hulk Magazine. Colors by Steve Oliff!

plus Moon Knight Special Edition #1 sketch by Frank



Set 3
Tough Guys

Hellboy in Mexico one shot - Corben art!
Master of Kung Fu #20 - Gulacy art!
Daring American Comics #1 - rare Ben Marra edited anthology
Hands of the Dragon #1 - from the holocaust of an atomic explosion...
Tiger-Man #1 - vaguely gay
Morlock 2001 #1 - really weird layouts
Wulf #1 - early Larry Hama, Klaus Janson
Barbarians #1 - written by Gary Friedrich
Iron Jaw #1 - Mike Sekowsky art
Destructor #1 - amazing Ditko pencils and Wally Wood inks

plus Destructor #1 sketch by Frank



Set 4
Number Ones

Coven 13 #1 - so bad it's good painted art
Adventures of B.O.C. #1 - Michael DeForge favorite
The One #1 - Rick Veitch super nuttiness. Cool main character.
Power Factor #1 - classic bad 80s layouts
Terranauts #1 - worst hand coloring ever?
Dark Wolf #1 - actually good 
Gaijin #1 - super rare Bernie Mireault manga-esque back up story
Armor #1 - actually amazing. Not lying. Sammy Harkham favorite.
Syphons #1 - great colors and layouts
Cuirass #1 - impossible to follow layouts - a case study in what not to do - but somehow wildly entertaining

Cuirass #1 sketch by Frank



Set 5
Classic Cars

Action Comics Annual #1 - Art Adams art
Mr. Monster #1 - fantastic hand coloring
Brat Pack #1 - Rick Veitch again
Legends #1 - great Darkseid by Byrne
Spider-Man #1 - McFarlane. The beginning of the end.
Robo-Cop movie adaptation - read it while watching the movie!
V #1 - based on the original 80s mini-series
Gotham By Gaslight - Mike Mignola, P.Craig Russell - nice.
Marshal Law #1 - great sexy and garish coloring
The Spectre #1 - Gene Colan art

Plus Spectre #1 sketch by Frank



Set 6

Blood Orange #1 anthology - Kevin H, Matthew Thurber, etc
5 Is The Perfect Number #1 - Igort
Berlin #1, 5 - art by Jason Lutes
John Law Detective #1 - by Will Eisner
Flesh and Bones #3 - Alan Moore back up story
M.D. - art by various E.C. guys
Yummy Fur #15 - Chester Brown
Underwater #4, 5- Chester Brown 

plus Underwater #5 sketch by Frank



Set 7 SOLD!!
Brits Only

Johnny Nemo  #1, 2, 3 - Brett Ewins art
Burglar Bill #1- Paul Grist 
Xombi #2, 3 - Frazer Irving art
Legends of the Dark Knight #55, 56, 57 - Mike McMahon art
Black Orchid book one - Dave McKean art

plus Black Orchid cover sketch by Frank


All sets are 20 bucks each. 5 bucks shipping. That's $25 a set. Thanks!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kramers Ergot pages FOR SALE

I am selling pages from the story I did with Dash Shaw - which appears in newest Kramers. Please check it out.