Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wacky Packs

Set Sale

So I went through my comic book collection and made up some back issue sets to sell. I made seven sets of ten comics each. The wackier the combinations the better. Then I drew a sketch of one of the comics in each set. The sketch and the comics are what you get for the price of admission. The sketch is a one-of-a-kind marker drawing on an acid free backing board and IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.

For those of you who like shopping at my table at shows - well, I'm not gonna make MOCCA or TCAF this year. It's con circuit season and I am stuck in New Mexico. It's a ton of money to drive to NY and Toronto - for me and for everyone else. So, it got me thinking about how I might be able to sell my collection online. If I can't lean across the longboxes and do my routine for you in person then this is the next best thing. I decided to do more of an art project than just have a fire sale. Please enjoy. I had fun making these.

20 bucks each. 5 bucks shipping. That's $25 a set. I'm practically giving them away. It's like you only had to spend five bucks on gas to go to a con - and you got to spend twenty dollars at my table. I'm making super deals. I put a nice, weird set of stuff together for you. What? You have that issue of Underwater? Well, give it to a friend.

It's first come first serve. Email me at capneasyATgmailDOTcom if you
want to buy a set. Please refer to the set's number. Also list two alternate choices in case your first choice and second are sold.

The sets are mailed in a Priority Mail envelope with heavy cardboard and will be mailed immediately after purchase. I'm accepting PayPal and checks. Please email me first - don't just Paypal me and hope the set is available. ALL SETS SOLD!!

No overseas orders. Sorry.



Set 1
Old School

Unexpected #124 -  Tuska, Grandenetti art
Charlton Bullseye #5, 9 - Truoug, Day art
Vault of Evil #1 - weird old 50s Marvel horror reprints
Rima #5 - Nestor Redondo art
Cheyenne Kid #68 - Pat Boyette art
Warlock #2 - reprints famous Jim Starlin storyline
Adventures Into The Unknown #151 - wacky ACG sci-fi
For Lovers Only #82, 86 - really weird looking 70s romance stuff

plus For Lovers Only #82 sketch by Frank



Set 2
Personal Favs

Street Fighter #1, 2 - Ditko lookalike art by Gary Kato - amazing
House of Mystery Halloween Annual #2 - rare Brandon Graham story
Mage #15 - fun Matt Wagner finale - airbrush art!
Spider-Man Fever #1,2 - Brendan McCarthy art!
Shadow #1 - Sienkiewicz art - Richmond Lewis colors!
Moon Knight #1 - 1980 series - Sienkiewicz art 
Moon Knight Special Edition #1, 3 - reprints late 70s Moon Knight stories that appeared in Hulk Magazine. Colors by Steve Oliff!

plus Moon Knight Special Edition #1 sketch by Frank



Set 3
Tough Guys

Hellboy in Mexico one shot - Corben art!
Master of Kung Fu #20 - Gulacy art!
Daring American Comics #1 - rare Ben Marra edited anthology
Hands of the Dragon #1 - from the holocaust of an atomic explosion...
Tiger-Man #1 - vaguely gay
Morlock 2001 #1 - really weird layouts
Wulf #1 - early Larry Hama, Klaus Janson
Barbarians #1 - written by Gary Friedrich
Iron Jaw #1 - Mike Sekowsky art
Destructor #1 - amazing Ditko pencils and Wally Wood inks

plus Destructor #1 sketch by Frank



Set 4
Number Ones

Coven 13 #1 - so bad it's good painted art
Adventures of B.O.C. #1 - Michael DeForge favorite
The One #1 - Rick Veitch super nuttiness. Cool main character.
Power Factor #1 - classic bad 80s layouts
Terranauts #1 - worst hand coloring ever?
Dark Wolf #1 - actually good 
Gaijin #1 - super rare Bernie Mireault manga-esque back up story
Armor #1 - actually amazing. Not lying. Sammy Harkham favorite.
Syphons #1 - great colors and layouts
Cuirass #1 - impossible to follow layouts - a case study in what not to do - but somehow wildly entertaining

Cuirass #1 sketch by Frank



Set 5
Classic Cars

Action Comics Annual #1 - Art Adams art
Mr. Monster #1 - fantastic hand coloring
Brat Pack #1 - Rick Veitch again
Legends #1 - great Darkseid by Byrne
Spider-Man #1 - McFarlane. The beginning of the end.
Robo-Cop movie adaptation - read it while watching the movie!
V #1 - based on the original 80s mini-series
Gotham By Gaslight - Mike Mignola, P.Craig Russell - nice.
Marshal Law #1 - great sexy and garish coloring
The Spectre #1 - Gene Colan art

Plus Spectre #1 sketch by Frank



Set 6

Blood Orange #1 anthology - Kevin H, Matthew Thurber, etc
5 Is The Perfect Number #1 - Igort
Berlin #1, 5 - art by Jason Lutes
John Law Detective #1 - by Will Eisner
Flesh and Bones #3 - Alan Moore back up story
M.D. - art by various E.C. guys
Yummy Fur #15 - Chester Brown
Underwater #4, 5- Chester Brown 

plus Underwater #5 sketch by Frank



Set 7 SOLD!!
Brits Only

Johnny Nemo  #1, 2, 3 - Brett Ewins art
Burglar Bill #1- Paul Grist 
Xombi #2, 3 - Frazer Irving art
Legends of the Dark Knight #55, 56, 57 - Mike McMahon art
Black Orchid book one - Dave McKean art

plus Black Orchid cover sketch by Frank


All sets are 20 bucks each. 5 bucks shipping. That's $25 a set. Thanks!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kramers Ergot pages FOR SALE

I am selling pages from the story I did with Dash Shaw - which appears in newest Kramers. Please check it out.